MARS Network

MARS Network is divided into Technology and Business


Context Blockchain, Digital Contents Original System(DCOS), Multi-modal, Bigdata & AI, Decentralized Identifier(DID)


Living Services, Financial Services, Real Estate Services, Legal Services, Educational Services



It is a next-generation context block chain that goes beyond the limitations of smart contracts of 2nd-generation blockchains such as Ethereum and EOS, which only record existing point-in-time information(Time Stamp), and also records environment information at the time of transaction to increase transaction reliability. Environmental information means information such as 5W1H (When, Where, Who, What, Why, How) required in real life transactions. With this, by securing the reliability and transparency of the transaction, it is possible to lay the foundation for using the block chain in real life.  


  • DCOS

    It is a system that controls the entire process of creating, recording, distributing and discarding digital content (e.g., electronic documents, videos, sound sources, photos, program sources, etc.) generated online / offline. The collected data are stored as originals and copies, and the originals are stored in their own systems and copies are distributed. It is a system that fundamentally blocks distortion and alteration of data in a way that the source of distributed data is always identifiable. This is a technology patent system that can be combined with context block chain technology to prevent forgery and alteration of documents issued by government and government offices such as resident registration, real estate register, and seal certificates, and to be used for reuse of published documents and copyright management of program sources.(Patent No. 10-20120092270~4) 

  • Multi-modal

    It is a patented technology that converts different types of data such as text, voice, gestures, and location information from sensors, devices, platforms, and other tools into a certain form. (Patent No : 10-20130093450)   

  • Big data&AI

    Neural network based pre-trained model and the latest machine learning service are applied to various artificial intelligence applications of enterprise customers, increasing productivity and efficiency.
    Ainesha Natural Language
    Through word embedding, the structure and meaning of various languages can be grasped and used to extract information contained in text documents held by companies. In addition, it can analyze the emotions contained in the language or grasp the intention.
    Ainesha Visual Recognition
    The document image is classified into thousands of categories ( ex. resident registration copy, resident registration draft, etc.) and the characters contained in the image are found and read. It can also identify objects, symbol characters, behavior, etc. in the image according to the purpose of use.
    Ainesha Speech Recognition
    It can be used in a variety of ways, such as converting a micro-entered user's voice into text or setting up a function to manage it as a command through voice. In addition, by synthesizing the voice of a specific speaker, it is possible to generate a voice that is similar to real and natural. 


  • life service

    We provide services for payment of cards, points, and coins at more than 300,000 affiliated stores such as department stores, marts, convenience stores, gas stations, cafe, and movie theaters. Furthermore, it is planning to add various living services such as delivery service and internet shopping mall.

  • legal service

    We develop and build an intelligent legal information retrieval service system based on big data. By providing a cloud-based legal service ecosystem system and service for users, it is possible to provide expert legal knowledge and litigation law to legal professionals, and to provide legal common sense in life to ordinary users. The goal is to popularize difficult existing legal services. Artificial intelligence legal technology is to introduce rapidly growing artificial intelligence into the legal market to help judges, prosecutors, and lawyers to provide more accurate and faster legal services. The pre-established data includes a total of 1.14 million data including current statutes, Supreme Court precedents, Constitutional Decisions, statute interpretations, and administrative judgments. 

  • property

    Real estate auctions, NPL services will secure information on high quality real estate, auction of movable property, and public sale from courts, financial institutions and government agencies ,one step faster. It will also implement an artificial intelligence model based on big data, analysis, and application of big data on environment information such as transportation, schools, hazardous facilities, and real estate policies, as well as open data from each real estate-related government ,agency(Standard land price information, apartment price information, real estate intellectual information, real estate statistics information, etc.) and various real estate data on the Internet. With this, we intend to establish a value evaluation platform that enhances the objectivity of investment with accurate evaluation and prediction of real estate to provide valuable information not only to national institutions but also to major ministries, research institutes, general enterprises and individuals. Based on real estate and domestic big data analysis technology started in Korea, we plan to expand its business to countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia that have not established real estate and auctions.  

  • education

    We provide EHMP(education history management platform) service based on the patented technology of DCOS, the digital original identification system. It is a service that records, analyzes, and manages educational histories and outputs that occur in all stages of life, from infants to adults, to authenticate educational histories and to manage and settle copyrights for individuals. In the future, it is possible to expand the service area to copyright management services. Human resources are managed based on actual algorithm ownership rather than resume-based , and companies, research institutes, governments, etc. can be linked to actual ability-based owners.  




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